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Metal AM heat treatment furnaces selection

Editor:Normantherm Release date:2022-07-05

Furnaces and equipment:

There are various categories of heat treatment equipment or high-temperature furnaces used for post-printing of metal additive manufactured parts. For the heat treatment of metal parts, common furnaces are of types with a capacity of handling temperatures 1000℃, 1300℃, 1600℃, and 1800℃. Some post-printing heat-treatment processes are annealing, sintering, stress relief, de-binding, degreasing, and degassing. In many cases, furnaces' configuration varies according to the intended heating process. To make cost-effective solutions for clients' applications, we need to select the right environmental conditions inside the heating zone of the furnaces. 

annealing furnace VF422.png

TF200HV tube furnace.png

Picture (a): High vacuum Mo-chamber high-temperature furnace used for medium-size or industrial-scale HT.

Picture (b): High vacuum Tube furnace used for small parts or lab scale HT.

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