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Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology

CUT200 Vacuum Brazing Furnace


Our Brand:ACX

Category:Vacuum brazing furnace

Applications:Cemented Carbide Tool industry, Natural diamond, artificial single crystal, PCD/PCBN ceramic materials, etc. Ideal product for high-temperature sintering, high-vacuum welding of metal materials, annealing, degassing, and quality inspection for scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

Main Features:Heat zone size: 400mm. Max. temperature: ≤1000℃. Ultimate vacuum: 6×10-4Pa. Furnace tube size Outer diameter 200/inner diameter 190/length 600mm. The equipment occupies less space, is easy to operate, and has high efficiency. Good welding quality, high strength, and strong stability. This equipment only needs 10-13 minutes for the vacuum to reach 10-3 Pa, 15-20 minutes for the vacuum to 10-4 Pa, and the ultimate vacuum is 10-5 Pa. This equipment only needs 120-150 minutes to process the products (including vacuuming, heating, cooling, and finished products.

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Detailed introduction


Technical Details:

The hard alloy high-vacuum welding furnace adopts infrared radiation heating method, 30 – steps programmable temperature control, and uses an N-type thermocouple. The body is of Alumina (1500) microcrystalline fiber material, which has a good heat preservation effect that can improve the heating efficiency of the equipment,   and also extend the service life of the heating element. The furnace tube adopts a high-purity quartz tube, which has less airflow under a high vacuum,   good light transmittance, and can withstand rapid cooling and heating. It can reach up to 900℃ under a high vacuum, with a balanced temperature area, and low surface temperature. It has the advantage of fast temperature change, energy-saving, etc. 

The control part adopts   PLC intelligent module combination control with the provision of automatic/semi-automatic/manual operation. The control system integrates   AI518P temperature controller, ZDF-5227 compound vacuum gauge, and molecular pump controller. It adopts a 10-inch MCGS LCD touch screen operation.



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ü  Free Maintenance Service

ü  12 Months Warranty (Except Accessories)

Furnace   tube size

Outer   diameter 200/inner diameter 190/length 600mm

Heating   zone size


Heating   element

Infrared   tube

Temperature   measuring element

N-type   temperature sensor (Omega)

Number   of control segments

30   segments

control   precision


Limit   temperature


Operating   temperature


Heating   rate


cooling   method

Water   cooling (flange, molecular pump)



Drive   mode (automatic)

Electric   (furnace tube/furnace body lifting, door opening and closing) Pneumatic   (vacuum valve)

Vacuum   pumping speed


Ultimate   vacuum

6×10-4   (empty furnace, cold state after purification)

Working   vacuum



Reserved   air inlet and outlet (can be filled with inert gases such as Nitrogen and Argon)

Way   to control

Automatic/manual   PLC control

Insulation   method

6-layer   metal screen mirror reflection + 2-layer tray


10-inch   touch screen

Maximum   power


Power   supply

AC   220V 20KW

Total   weight


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