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Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology

Vacuum Brazing Furnace 222


Our Brand:ACX

Category:Vacuum brazing furnace

Applications:This equipment is mainly used for the high vacuum heat treatment of metal materials. Main application industries and processes: diamond vacuum brazing, stainless steel vacuum brazing, titanium alloy vacuum brazing, hard alloy, and PCD tool brazing, etc

Main Features:Heating zone: 410×390 (L×ø) mm. Max. temperature: 1300°C. Ultimate Vacuum: ≤5.0*10-4 Pa. The equipment occupies less space, is easy to operate, has advantage of high efficiency, pollution free, low energy consumption, and low noise. Good welding quality, high strength, and strong stability. Rising from room temperature to 1000℃ is less than 90min (empty furnace), suggest 10℃/min, the fastest is ≤20℃/min.

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Detailed introduction


Technical Details:

Furnace structure: horizontal,   single-chamber, furnace body and door adopt double-layer water cooling, front door structure. It is composed of a furnace body, heating chamber, vacuum system, charging system, water cooling system, electric control, and power supply system.

The heating chamber adopts a cylindrical heating chamber structure. The heat shield adopts a multi-layer molybdenum structure, and high-quality 99 corundum ceramics are used between the layers.   The heating element is molybdenum sheets, which are evenly surrounded by the heat shield to achieve good temperature uniformity. It has a long service life, good heat insulation performance, and minimal vacuum outgassing. The outer frame is made of stainless steel (310S) plate material, and multiple reinforcement ribs are welded to ensure no deformation.

Heating control adopts PID intelligent temperature control module design, can edit a 30-segment heating curve, store   20 sets of process formulas, combine PLC to realize automatic alarm protection functions such as overpressure, over-temperature, over-current,   10-inch LCD touch screen display operation, with Convenient operation,   powerful functions, and good stability.


ü  Free Installation and Technical Support

ü  Free Maintenance Service

ü  12 Months Warranty (Except Accessories)


  Limit temperature


  Operating temperature


  Work area size

 200*200*200mm (L*W*H)

  Total power

 28 KW (including heating system, vacuum   unit, refrigerator)

  Power frequency



 Two-phase 380 V (±10V)

  Air switch


  Equipment weight

 1000 Kg


 About 5m2, L 2100mm,W 1060mm, H 1700mm

  Heating zone size

 410mm×390mm (L×ø)

  heating power

22KW   (adjustable actual power)

  Heating element

 Molybdenum sheet

  Insulation components

 Mo + stainless steel

  Temperature measurement

 N-Type thermocouple

  Control accuracy


  Heating control

PID   intelligent temperature control module, 30-segments heating curve, store 20   sets of process formulas, combine PLC to realize automatic alarm protection functions, 10 inch LCD touch display.

  Vacuum configuration


A   composite molecular pump FB-1200

A   rotary vane mechanical pump BSV-30

  Ultimate vacuum

 ≤5.0*10-4 Pa (no-load, cold   state, purified)

  Working vacuum

 ≤5.0*10-3 Pa

  Pressure rise rate

 1Pa/h (after baking, clean, no-load, cold   state)

  Vacuum measurement

 Compound vacuum gauge ZDF5227A measuring   range 1.0*105 ~ 1.0*10-5Pa

  Vacuum unit power

 4 KW

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