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Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology

Vacuum Brazing Furnace 966

Model:Vacuum Brazing Furnace 966

Our Brand:Normantherm

Category:Vacuum brazing furnace

Applications:Brazing: Diamond tools | PCD/PCBN | Auto radiator, cooler, EGR, heat exchanger | Antenna | grinding wheels.Materials: High-temperature alloy, titanium, zirconium, niobium, aluminum, molybdenum equivalent, copper, nickel, gold, stainless steel.

Main Features:Effective work area: 900x600x600 mm. Maximum temperature: 1300℃. Heating Power: 150KVA. Ultimate vacuum: 8x10–4Pa. Dissimilar metal brazing. Pollution-free. Corrosion resistance. Longer life. High strength. Energy-saving. High Efficiency. Cost-saving.

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Detailed introduction

Equipment model and main technical indicators:

Model: VF1300-966.

The VF1300-966 vacuum furnace is a horizontal, single-chamber structure. It is composed of a furnace body, heating chamber, vacuum system, charging system, water cooling system, electric control, and power supply system.

· Power frequency: 50Hz

· Power supply voltage: 3-phase 380V

· Area size (mm): 900 (length) × 600 (width) × 600 (height)

· Furnace installed: ≤800kg (including tooling)

· Maximum temperature: 1300℃

· Temperature uniformity: ±5°C (empty furnace 800°C temperature measurement, uniform temperature rack is provided by the buyer)

· Temperature control accuracy: ≤±1℃

· Heating rate: The temperature rises from room temperature to 1100℃ in an empty furnace is less than 90min.

· Ultimate vacuum: ≤ 8x10–4Pa (empty furnace, cold state)

· Working vacuum: 10-3Pa (related to processing materials)

· Vacuum pumping rate: to working vacuum<30min (excluding diffusion pump preheating)

· Pressure rise rate: 0.4Pa/h (empty furnace, cold test)

· Maximum inflation pressure:<2bar (absolute pressure, inflation pressure adjustable)

· Heating power: 150KVA

· Cooling method: internal circulation cooling.

· Cooling fan: 22KW.

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