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About Us
A predecessor of MicroX founded by experts in heat treatment technology
Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology. It is the predecessor of MicroX, founded by experts working in heat treatment technology for 20+ years. We have more than 10+ years of experience in manufacturing vacuum furnaces. At present, Normantherm vacuum furnaces include vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum aging, and PECVD.


Our brands and industries

2011: MicroX – manufacture furnaces for heat treatment solution to 20 industrial sectors including enterprises and universities.
2015: ACX – Focus on vacuum brazing of diamond tools, PCD, PCBN, automobile parts, aerospace parts, carbide tools, hard metal tools, etc.
2017: Normanbell – Focus on heat treatment of metal alloys in additive manufacturing (3D prints) in medical equipment (dental, ortho), automobile, mold, aerospace, etc.
2019: Normantherm - Focus on high vacuum furnaces for brazing and heat treatment industries.
Professional R&D technical team:
For many years we are developing heating furnaces and optimizing their performances. Our furnaces have gained a lot of patents, and align with international standards. During these years, we have produced various kinds of furnaces, temperature ranging from 20C to 2000C, heating chamber of box type, cylindrical type, tube type, horizontal loading type to vertical loading type, manual operation to semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

Experienced in heat treatment:
Last 10 years, we have served thousands of customers, industrial sectors ranging from additive manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, medical, jewelry, architecture, universities, mold making, mining, etc. Our furnaces include: brazing furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, tube furnace, dental furnace, 3D printing heat treatment furnace, PECVD, aging furnace, etc.
At present, we thrive to be a global leader in high vacuum furnaces for brazing and heat treatment processes.

Customer test Centre:
We have a lab setup and customers’ sample test center. We aim to supply the most suitable furnace that produces high-quality results for our customers. With our experience, we recommend the most suitable furnace for our clients. Also, if need be, our customers can send us their sample workpiece and check the quality after processing. It will be free of cost.

High-quality products:
Our company applied and successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 and CE certification. At present, all the manufacturing process at our factory strictly maintains the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standards, and all of our products on sale have obtained CE certificates. Also, we can customize the design according to the client’s requirements.

We support our customers to grow their business. We provide free installation and training. We offer a one-year warranty on all of our products. Moreover, our company assures you to provide lifetime technical support along with fast delivery of spare parts upon inquiry.
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