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We work for what we are specialized in - vacuum heat treatment technology,
We design, manufacture, and supply vacuum furnaces.
We have obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management certification and CE certification. All the works are strictly maintained as per the qualified standard. If needed, you are welcome to visit our factory. Also, the manufacturing process of your order will be updated by video call, if needed.
To supply the best suitable furnace for your application is our goal. If you are satisfied with our consultation and ready to put an order, our professional sales managers will be in your service. We aim to save your time and cost; you will get the friendliest procedure during sales service. Documentation, payment terms, and shipping will be handled by us with your cooperation.
Our technical and trained staff will be on your site when the ordered product/furnace is received at your site. Our staff (s) will install the furnace and give the required training to your staff (s) regarding operation and basic maintenance.
We understand that stoppage of production may affect badly for our customers’ business. So, we give importance to the fast supply of spare parts from our warehouse at the best prices. We use high-quality materials from well-branded suppliers.
All of our products will have a year warranty. During this duration, maintenance of furnace, replacement of spare parts will be done free of cost.
We believe in satisfying our customers by supporting their business to grow. Our company assures you to provide lifetime support for your business. Let’s have a word with us.
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