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Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology

Heat treatment box furnace (custom)


Our Brand:Normantherm

Category:3D Printing heat treatment furnace

Applications:This furnace is mainly used in the heat treatment of metal 3D prints, aluminum alloy annealing. It can include solution aging of mold steel (inert gas), mold steel atmosphere protection annealing, material carbonization, dental cobalt-chromium alloy annealing, electronic components, ceramics, Nanomaterials

Main Features:Heat zone (custom): 500x400x400 mm. Max. temperature (custom): 1000C, 1600 C. Rated power: 25 KW. Pressure: 0.02MPa, -0.04MPa, Heating element: Silicon Molybdenum rod. Atmosphere: inert gases such as N2, Ar, or air. Technical features can be customized. Contact us for more

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Detailed introduction

Details of standard high-temperature muffle furnace:

Note: Technical features can be customized.

1. Digital display instruments can display and monitor the air pressure, temperature, current, and voltage in the furnace in real-time.

2. The heating system, air mixing system, vacuum system, internal circulating water cooling system, and monitoring system of this product can all be operated through the control button. This machine has comprehensive functions and meets most of the requirements of customers.

3. Professional vacuum design and unique sealing technology ensure the airtightness of the furnace cavity, and the vacuum degree far exceeds that of similar products.

4. Intelligent PID high-precision control, self-tuning function, 30-segment programmable control, 30-segment temperature rise, and fall program can be set, and no power loss is realized.

5. Optional 485 conversion interface, purchase our company's software, to achieve mutual connection with the computer. Optional dedicated computer control system to complete remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, output reports, and other functions with a single or up to 200 electric furnaces.

6. The heating element adopts the silicon molybdenum rod, the highest heating temperature can reach up to 1600℃.

7. Fast heating speed, adjustable heating rate: Max:20℃/Min

8. Low thermal pollution, using domestic new high-purity alumina microcrystalline fiber insulation material, cooling fan between double shells, can quickly cool the surface of the furnace body, and the surface of the shell is not hot (about 60℃).

9. Precise temperature control, with a variety of thermostats to choose from, with small temperature fluctuations (temperature control accuracy ±1℃).


◀ Free Installation and Technical Support

◀ Free Maintenance Service

◀ 12 Months Warranty (Except for wearing parts such as heating elements, sealing rings, etc.)

Note: Technical features can be customized.

Contact us for any questions and more details.

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