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Normantherm vacuum furnace is specialized in vacuum heat treatment technology

Vacuum Annealing Furnace 250


Our Brand:Normantherm

Category:3D Printing heat treatment furnace

Applications:This equipment is mainly used for vacuum annealing. Industries: 3D printing, Titanium Alloy, Hard materials

Main Features:Maximum temperature: 1000℃. Ultimate vacuum: 6.67*10-4Pa. Effective area: 250x300 (φ x H) mm. This equipment is a high-end vacuum equipment independently developed by our company with a national invention patent. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, beautiful appearance, easy operation, and maintenance

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Detailed introduction


Technical Details:

1. The furnace is clean and will not pollute the materials.

2. High vacuum: Meet the needs of titanium heat treatment, ensure no oxygen on the surface of the product;

3. High production efficiency: The heating element is an infrared lamp tube, the heating rate is high, a pair of guide rails are installed under the furnace body, which can slide left and right to realize fast cooling and fast heating.

4. Unique vacuum design: In addition to the previous model that needed to preheat the diffusion pump (45min), the latest model does not need to preheat.

Heat treatment process: 1. Surface treatment (if necessary); 2. Open door discharging; 3.   Setting process; 4. Vacuum heat treatment; 5. Open door reclaiming.


ü  Free Installation and Technical Support

ü  Free Maintenance Service

12 Months Warranty (Except Accessories)


Operating Temperature



For an infrared heating tube, the fastest heating rate is 180 ℃ / min   in 1 minute, and the recommended heating rate is 20 ℃ / min



Tube size

1500mm,   wall thickness 5mm.

Effective area

φ250mm * H300mm

Ultimate vacuum

6.67*10-4Pa   (empty, cold, purified)

Pressure rise rate


Touch screen

10 inches


One front stage pump, one high vacuum pump, one compound vacuum gauge, one refrigerator.

Electrical   accessories:


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